Experience the sensual style and vivacious energy of oriental dance!

Namjira offers this opportunity in her multifaceted shows as well as in her classes.


Dancing has been a big part of Namjira's life from a very young age, and the varieties of styles she has learned are still influencing her performance:
At the age of five, classical ballet classes started her dancing career, followed by ballroom dancing.
Later on, she studied classical Indian dance (Bharat Natyam) and twirling.
Friends with oriental origin introduced her to the music of Egypt and Syria. The rhythms and the sound of classical flute appealed to her so much that she atarted to study calssical arabic music.

At the age of 13, her first teacher Ayla guided Namjira into the classical oriental dance. She danced in several ensembles, won different prizes in youth competitions, and intensified her study of oriental dance.

Today, many different styles have found their place in her repertoire: classical and modern oriental suites, Persian and Arabic folklore dances, shows with fire dancing, sabre dance, dances with candle tablets and shamadan
(a candelabra balanced on the head), modern pop and rock shows, and lightshows with LED effects.

Dancing was not Namjira's only interest. In university, she studied oriental languages (Arabic and Farsi) and specialized in Arabic history. She offers a profound knowledge of oriental culture and their dances.